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ReSource Waste Services of Lewiston Has Much to Celebrate

The team at ReSource Waste Services of Lewiston recently held a celebration to mark several important milestones.

“We have much to celebrate in Lewiston,” said Jack Canty, the President & Chief Operating Officer of ReSource Waste Services, New England’s largest processor of construction and demolition waste (C&D). “Ten years ago today, our parent company acquired the facility. One year ago, our new processing line began operating. Five of our current employees have been with us since Day One, with two of them marking more than 30 years of service at the site. Most importantly, the facility has surpassed two-and-a-half years without an OSHA recordable injury.”

Four of the “Day One” team members are: Shift Supervisor Peter Marston (10 years of service); Facility Manager David McCutcheon (10 years of service); Shift Supervisor Johnny Briggs (10 years of service); and Weighmaster/Scale Attendant Heidi Poisson (33 years of service). Not pictured: Maintenance Manager Marcel Bergeron (36 years of service).

The five “Day One” employees are: Maintenance Manager Marcel Bergeron (36 years of service); Weighmaster/Scale Attendant Heidi Poisson (33 years of service); Facility Manager David McCutcheon (10 years of service); Shift Supervisor Johnny Briggs (10 years); and Shift Supervisor Peter Marston (10 years).

ReEnergy Holdings LLC acquired the facility, previously known as KTI Bio-Fuels Inc., on August 1, 2013 and added it to its portfolio of similar C&D processing facilities it already owned throughout New England.

The business was rebranded as ReSource Waste Services in September 2020 and in November 2021 GCM Grosvenor acquired a majority ownership interest in the company. ReSource Waste Services owns and operates four processing facilities with a total annual permitted capacity of approximately 1.4 million tons, a rail-served transfer station, a rail transload operation, a trucking company and a hauling company.

The Lewiston facility, located at 38 Alfred A Plourde Parkway, is Maine’s largest C&D processing facility and an important component of Maine’s solid waste management system. The facility supports approximately 40 direct full-time jobs, varying by season, and dozens more indirect jobs, and spends approximately $14 million per year on operating expenses, and conducts business with more than 100 vendors and 55 customers. The facility processed approximately 165,000 tons of C&D in 2022. Personnel and equipment used to recover as much reusable product as possible that can be sold to end markets. Recovered materials can be used to for a wide variety of uses: fuel for electricity generation; medium-density fiberboard (MDF) manufacturing; asphalt paving; new cardboard and drywall; recycled plastic and metal products; and miscellaneous construction materials and soil substitutes.

As the state addresses PFAS contamination and eliminates the land application of sludge, it has been recognized that the material from ReSource Waste Services is critically necessary as a bulking agent so the sludge can be safely landfilled.

Vice President of Operations David DeVito and Facility Manager David McCutcheon grill lunch for the Lewiston team.

The Lewiston facility also has started the process to secure certification from the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI). RCI is an independent third-party certification that confirms that the C&D processing meets the LEED standards for recycling, by verifying the facility’s recovery records to determine if they are accurate. Such certification will benefit Lewiston’s contractor customers who wish to achieve LEED green-building certification for building projects. LEED construction projects, certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, are required to meet minimum recycling rates for their C&D waste. This will assist Maine builders in meeting the sustainability goals of their customers and the state.

When the certification is issued, the Lewiston facility will be only the second C&D processing facility in New England to achieve certification. The first and only RCI-certified C&D processing facility in New England is ReSource Waste Services’ facility in Roxbury, MA.

“We are proud of the Lewiston team and pleased to take time to celebrate their many achievements,” Canty said.