The Leading Privately Owned Solid Waste Recycling Platform in New England

ReSource Waste Services provides vertically integrated collection, processing and recycling services. It is a critical player in the circular economy, diverting a significant volume of material from disposal and finding beneficial reuse solutions.

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An Innovative Waste Management and Recycling Company

ReSource operates a differentiated waste-to-value model and plays a critical role in supporting New England’s circular economy. The company’s highly experienced team operates a robust trucking and container operation, collecting waste material and using state-of-the-art technology to create high-quality recycled materials that are sought after by manufacturers of eco-friendly products.

Who We Are

ReSource Waste Services is committed to its mission to optimize the recovery of materials from construction and demolition debris, improving the region’s environment and economy. Learn More →

What We Do

As an industry leader in recycling, ReSource’s facilities sort all inbound waste to extract maximum value. The company also offers dumpster rental services in Greater Boston and Western Massachusetts. Learn More →

How We Do It

ReSource’s facilities have different operational specialties, allowing the business to operate optimally and compete effectively for a variety of materials and serve diverse end markets. Learn More →

Our Services

ReSource Waste Services is proud to have long-standing relationships with a diverse base of inbound waste customers, including regional and national companies and local municipalities.

C&D Recycling

ReSource has a manufacturing mentality when processing C&D material, striving to continuously improve efficiency and productivity, and ensuring quality and consistency of the products produced for its customers. Learn More →

Dumpster Rentals

ReSource Waste Services provides dumpster rental services to businesses and residents located across New England. We serve Greater Boston, central Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and northern Rhode Island customers who need to dispose of waste from construction projects and clean-outs. Learn More →


ReSource is pleased to offer cost-effective solidification services for customers needing to manage non-hazardous high-moisture waste, such as drummed drilling wastes, frac tank sediments, and dredging sediments. Learn More →

822,000 TPY C&D Material Processed
25,000 TPY Metal Processed
70,000 TPY Wood Recovered

Economic & Environmental Benefits

ReSource is proud to play a critical part in the region’s growing sustainability economy, conserving resources through the reuse of materials.

Natural Resource Savings

ReSource's C&D recycling provides materials that can be substituted for natural materials that would otherwise have to be mined from the earth. In turn, this reduction in mining and substitution of virgin materials results in decreased greenhouse gases and energy savings.

Reduced Waste to Landfills

Diverting C&D materials from landfill disposal has many environmental benefits. As less C&D material is sent to landfills, ReSource can preserve landfill space and avoid the need for landfills to expand or for material to be transported to out-of-state landfills.

Energy Savings

C&D recycling produces energy savings by creating recycled products to replace the virgin materials needed in manufacturing. C&D materials are used as a substitute for virgin materials, and they’re also used as fuel substitutes in making energy.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Because using recycled materials requires less energy than using virgin materials, ReSource's recycling produces an overall reduction in energy use and resulting greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, less fuel is required when new products are manufactured with recycled C&D materials.

Job Creation

Employees are critical at all stages of ReSource's C&D recycling process. They move the incoming mixed material onto the processing line, recover useful material and manufacture new recycled products. ReSource creates direct jobs in the waste and recycling industry and supports indirect jobs in the trucking industry and at the many companies it works with as vendors and customers.

Economic Impact

ReSource transforms recycled C&D material into new products that can be sold to manufacturers and customers alike. This creates greater economic benefits to the local and regional economy as well as other sectors of the economy.

ReSource Waste Services of Lewiston Achieves RCI Certification

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ReSource Waste Services Makes Investment in Northeast Recycling

ReSource Waste Services LLC and Northeast Recycling LLC announced today that they have combined to form the most responsive and customer-centered construction and demolition debris operation in New England. Northeast Recycling, a waste hauling company based in Avon, MA, was established in… [...]

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