Our Facilities

ReSource’s facilities have different operational specialties, allowing the business to operate optimally and compete effectively for a variety of materials and serve diverse end markets.

ReSource Epping

Acquired by our company in 2009, ReSource Epping specializes in the processing and recovery of wood – it recovers more wood than all of the other processors in New England combined. Learn More →

ReSource Lewiston

ReSource Lewiston is designed to process large quantities of mixed C&D debris, recovering components of value and transforming waste into reusable commodities. Learn More →

ReSource Salem

The ReSource Salem facility accepts a wide variety of construction and demolition (C&D) waste and an on-site affiliated company specializes in the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Learn More →

ReSource Roxbury

ReSource’s Roxbury, MA facility accepts a wide variety of solid, non-hazardous (C&D) materials and is the only LEED-certified C&D processing facility in New England. Learn More →

ReSource Ware

The ReSource Ware facility serves as a consolidation site for C&D residuals from ReSource’s other facilities, and utilizes an on-site rail system to ship those residuals to landfills. Learn More →