Waste Hauling Services

Dumpster Rental Service

Northeast Recycling LLC, a subsidiary of ReSource Waste Services, provides dumpster rental services to businesses and residents located in Greater Boston, central Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and northern Rhode Island who need to dispose of waste from construction projects and clean-outs. We also are able to collect multiple large loads from demolition projects with either our dumpsters or our transfer trailers. Please call us at 877-586-0436, email us at dumpsters@resource-waste.com or fill out the contact form below to discuss your project.

ReSource also has a trucking division with 34 walking-floor trailers of various sizes and conducts independent hauling for customers as well as hauling ReSource’s recycled products to end markets.

Inventory & Service Time

We own a full inventory of 15-, 20-, 30- and 40-cubic yard roll-off dumpsters to meet your disposal needs. Our dumpster rental service is available Monday-Friday and Saturday until noon. For large loads, we have dump trailers that range from 60 to 90 cubic yards and walking-floor trailers that range from 110 to 125 cubic yards.

Rental Period & Fee

The typical rental length is seven days, but we can work with you on longer rentals if needed. The cost of your rental will depend on the dumpster size, your location, the length of the rental, and the type of material you need to dispose. Please call 877-586-0436, email dumpsters@resource-waste.com or fill out the form on this page to discuss your project.

Commingled C&D Waste is Allowed

Because our company processes construction and demolition debris and recycles all material that can be reused, you can commingle the various components of your construction waste and we will ensure that all recyclable material is recovered. Waste that is considered hazardous is not allowed in the dumpster, and we will be happy to discuss your hazardous waste disposal needs.

Ideal Placement

Our dumpsters have steel wheels that can damage driveways and leave ruts on lawns. For those reasons, we recommend that you place the dumpster on your driveway or parking lot on top of boards that will protect the asphalt surface. If you need to borrow boards from us, just let us know.

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