About Us

Who We Are

ReSource Waste Services, a leading privately owned solid waste management company in New England, operates an integrated network of strategically located and specialized operations. ReSource collects and processes a wide variety of waste material and recovers a high percentage of that material into high-quality products for reuse. The company is committed to its mission to optimize the recovery of materials, creating value from waste through the use of innovative technology.

From the company’s inception in 2009 through November 2021, it was wholly owned by ReEnergy Holdings LLC, based in Albany, NY. In November 2021, GCM Grosvenor acquired a majority ownership interest in the company, bringing industry experience and equity capital that is supporting the next chapter of the company’s growth. The facilities and operations owned and operated by ReSource have been acquired over time: the Epping, NH and Salem, NH facilities in 2009;  the Roxbury, MA facility in 2012; the  Lewiston, ME facility in 2013; the Ware, MA facility in 2019; and the Northeast Recycling (Avon, MA) collection company in 2024.

Known for its commitment to safety and environmental compliance, and for its well-established and proven approach to material processing, the seasoned ReSource Waste Services team operates differentiated and scalable facilities, a robust fleet of trucks and containers, and state-of-the-art processing systems. Each ReSource facility has different operational specialties, allowing the company to maximize the recovery of materials and serve numerous end markets for these materials.

The company processes incoming waste materials into a broad range of beneficially reusable end products and has an integrated facility network and internal trucking capabilities to ensure the efficient routing of incoming materials to maximize the recovery of reusable end products.

ReSource’s facilities have significant storage capacity for inbound and processed materials and there is a strong demand for ReSource’s products across multiple end markets. These products are desired by a wide variety of industry sectors, including biomass-to-energy facilities, manufacturers of medium-density fiberboard, brownfield sites and landfills needing cover material, and recycled metal processors.

ReSource is able to meet evolving market needs through operational flexibility, adjusting its facility processes to produce a variety of products. It is proud to have long-standing relationships with a diverse base of inbound waste customers, including regional and national companies and local municipalities.

Our Mission

ReSource contributes to New England’s sustainable economy and environment through the use of innovative waste-to-value solutions, processing waste materials and optimizing the recovery of materials to minimize the amount of waste that is sent out for disposal.

Our Values

Above all else, ReSource Waste Services is known for its focus on safety and regulatory compliance, and it consistently outperforms industry standards on these important measures.

Health & Safety

ReSource implements a robust health and safety plan; its behavior-based safety program has driven strong results. Regular inspections are conducted, and the management team continually monitors a dashboard of leading indicators. Employees who meet defined safety goals are eligible to receive incentive compensation.

Environmental Compliance

The company has worked to achieve a best-in-class environmental compliance record. ReSource’s managers are proactively engaged with regulators and involved in environmental public policy development, and they work diligently to communicate with ReSource’s host communities to ensure that the company’s facilities are good neighbors.

Customer Service

ReSource is committed to productive relationships with its customers and vendors. The company enjoys long-term relationships with the many companies, municipalities and haulers who deliver waste material, and also strives to continually meet the evolving needs of industries requiring recycled end-products.

Employee Advancement

The company provides employment for approximately 250 people. ReSource’s employee retention rate is quite high for its industry, and the employees enjoy a robust suite of benefits and a competitive compensation plan. Many of ReSource’s supervisors and managers have been with the company for lengthy tenures and have been promoted from their initial entry-level positions.

Operational Efficiency

The ReSource team is dedicated to continuous improvement. We set ambitious goals, stay abreast of leading-edge technological and operational advancements, and invest in state-of-the-art equipment and process improvements to drive operational efficiencies and enhance recovery rates. The company’s Epping location is powered 100% by solar energy, for example, and its Roxbury and Lewiston facilities have achieved certification to LEED MRpc87, which provides third-party verification that these facilities utilize best practices and meet the diversion requirements for the construction waste credits in the applicable LEED rating system.

Community Engagement

Each ReSource facility is actively engaged with its local community. For example, its Salem facility provides services to the Salem Boys and Girls Club, cleaning its parking lot and weeding and mulching its flower beds. The Salem facility staff also clean the town park and donate equipment to the Town for the installation of holiday lights.  ReSource’s Roxbury facility is a sponsor of the Newmarket Business Association, performs daily cleanup activities for the Orchard Garden School and Mason School, and performs snow removal for Hope House. At the company’s Ware facility, ReSource accepts C&D waste generated by the Town and the residues from the Town’s street sweeping and catch-basins free of charge, accepts bulky waste free of charge from the Town’s residents on a couple of days each year, and assists the Town in the collection of household hazardous wastes from the Town’s residents.