ReSource Waste Solidification Facility (RWSF)

located in Epping, New Hampshire

We are pleased to offer cost-effective solidification services for customers needing to manage non-hazardous high-moisture waste, such as drummed drilling wastes, frac tank sediments, and dredging sediments. The high-capacity ReSource Waste Solidification Facility, located in Epping, New Hampshire, has the ability to efficiently manage up to 500 tons of material each day and to amend those materials. We use various bulking agents to create suitable material that can be transported and accepted more easily.

Our convenient location is easily accessible to a wide variety of customers along the New England corridor and is situated near major landfill and thermal facilities in the region. The Facility is located at ReSource Waste Services’ Epping NH materials recovery facility, at which staff process construction and demolition material, so various recycled and virgin bulking agents are available on site.

The solidification activities are conducted as an integrated part of the existing permitted solid waste activities at the facility and provide an important service for the region and its customers and communities.

Accepted and Prohibited Materials

Example Solidification Materials We Accept

  • Drain line system cleanings
  • Dredge sediments
  • Catch basin cleanings
  • Frac tank sediments
  • Abrasive stone/sand blasting semisolids
  • Drinking water plant residuals
  • Non-hazardous off-specifications/outdated raw
    materials and products
  • Car wash residuals/non-hazardous sediments
  • Spent slurry, de-sanding spoils, slurry spoils (also
    stabilization of non-hazardous pH-impacted
  • Spent carbon and media & other non-hazardous
    remediation wastes

Materials We Do Not Accept

  • State-specific hazardous waste
  • Asbestos
  • RCRA & TSCA waste


Example Accepted Modes of Transport/Delivery

  • Roll-off containers
  • Tri-axle dump trucks
  • Trailer dump trucks
  • 55-gallon drums
  • Vacuum boxes and trucks
  • Vactor trucks

Streamlined Operations

We are a “mid-point” solidification facility for previously approved end disposal materials, pending solidification, which are then direct trucked to regional disposal facilities.

Our Process

Step 1

Generator of acceptable material completes questionnaire form and provides two five-gallon buckets representative of the material to be shipped to Epping.

Step 2

Epping representatives evaluate characteristics of material, develop a solidification recipe, and provides a per-ton solidification price as well as the amendment material information required by the end-disposal facility to support their review and approval of the process and material to be used.

Step 3

Epping representatives participate in the approval process with the generator and end-disposal facility, including Epping solidification materials as part of the profile as an example.

Step 4

Once end-site approval is received and agreement is executed, generator transports material to the Epping facility.

Step 5

Material is mixed and solidified with approved material provided by the Epping facility.

Step 6

Solidified material is loaded into trucks for transport to pre-approved end facility.

By solidifying your materials at Epping, you can avoid rejected waste at landfill and/or thermal facilities due to free liquids, pH issues or facility limitations on high-moisture waste.

Call or email us any time to discuss your proposed project. To receive a proposal, please submit a completed material questionnaire form.


270 Exeter Road
Epping, NH 03042
Phone: (774) 407-0007