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ReSource Epping Partners with Epping Transfer Station to Recycle Waste and Sell Metals

ReSource Waste Services of Epping (ReSource Epping) processed nearly 1,100 tons of material from the Town of Epping Transfer Station in 2019, helping the Town to maximize its recycling rate and creating a source of revenue for the Town’s recycling program.

David DeVito, Regional Operations Manager, ReSource Waste Services

ReSource Waste Services Regional Manager David DeVito said staff at the ReSource Epping site worked with Town officials about 15 years ago to make changes to the Town’s waste transfer station on Coffin Road, adding multiple containers to stage the Town’s waste and maximize recycling and providing input on methods to manage the C&D waste streams.

In 2019, the Town sent 256 loads of non-metal C&D waste to ReSource Epping, or about 900 tons. In addition, the Town sent nearly 200 tons of metals.

“We are keeping this material out of landfills,” DeVito said. “And for the metals, we are able to process that material to create a higher-grade product and we are able to sell the resulting product to various end-markets. This means that instead of the Town paying to send that metal waste to a landfill, we are able to create revenue for the Town by selling the metals to interested third parties. The Town of Epping is a great place to do business, and we enjoy working with the Town to create a double win: a win for the environment and also for the taxpayers.”

Dennis Koch, the Public Works Coordinator for the Town of Epping, said “Working with ReSource Epping has improved the operation of the Epping Transfer Station. We now benefit from having a single facility to handle all the Town’s recycling needs. Not only does the Town generate revenue from scrap metal, but we also help extend the life of landfills by removing bulky items, tires and shingles from the municipal waste stream.”