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ReSource Roxbury is an Active Member of the Newmarket Business Association

ReSource Waste Services of Roxbury (ReSource Roxbury) is an active member of the Newmarket Business Association, an organization of more than 230 businesses that is dedicated to the growth of business in Boston’s Newmarket District.

Stanley Walczak, Facility Manager, ReSource Waste Services of Roxbury

“We have benefited so much from our membership in the Newmarket Business Association,” said Stanley Walczak, manager of ReSource Roxbury. “We enjoy collaborating with the other businesses in the neighborhood and working with them to help each other thrive and to make improvements to the neighborhood.”

When Walczak heard about the association’s new job initiative, the Newmarket Boston Jobs Initiative, he jumped at the opportunity. The initiative, which the association runs in partnership with Lewis Family Foundation and its Jobs Action Tank, matches qualified job seekers from Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan with appropriate jobs in the Newmarket District.

ReSource Roxbury’s first hire from the program was Jameela Connell, an Air Force veteran who was brought on board at ReSource Roxbury as a weighmaster. She was the first job placement for the initiative, and the match worked out so well that Walczak later worked with the program to hire Egar Rodrigues as a lead mechanic.

“We prefer to hire people from local neighborhoods,” Walczak said. “Their commutes are much easier, and they are personally invested in the Roxbury area.”

A bonus, Walczak said, was that the program introduced ReSource Roxbury to a qualified jobseeker who was a woman, allowing the company to enhance its gender diversity.  And the job-matching initiative handled all of the pre-screening, which saved time for the company.

Newmarket Boston Jobs Initiative hopes to place 700 young people from Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan into well-paying full-time jobs. ReSource Roxbury’s involvement in the initiative caught the attention of Boston Business Journals, which ran this article on April 20, 2020.

“As a member of the Newmarket Business Association, we are able to network with other neighborhood businesses. We can work together to make the neighborhood safer and cleaner, and we can join our voices when a collective voice is needed,” Walczak said. “The Newmarket Boston Jobs Initiative is another great example of a benefit of our membership, and we are very thankful to the Newmarket Business Association and the Lewis Family Foundation.”