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ReSource Ware Team Assists With Cleanup at Ware Town Hall

ReSource Waste Services of Ware (ReSource Ware) recently helped the Town of Ware with its effort to beautify and clean its historic Town Hall. The company donated labor, a roll-off container, and handled the disposal of mixed oversized bulky waste (OBW).

Chris Lowe, Facility Manager, ReSource Waste Services of Ware

Lowe said he and his team were pleased to play a part in the significant work effort to remove items that had accumulated within the Town Hall over the years (repair the building and its surrounding land), located at 126 Main St. in Ware, MA.

“The mixed OBW consisted of items that had accumulated over the years at the Town Hall,” said Resource Ware Facility Manager Christopher Lowe.  “Like many small towns, the Town of Ware did not set aside funds for the disposal of the accumulated items. When we heard about this issue, we were happy to help. It is important for ReSource Ware to be a positive and active corporate citizen and assist the larger community on important projects such as these.”

Anna Szmyd Marques, the Town’s Local Inspector and Zoning Enforcement Officer said: “Our Town Hall is a landmark in Ware. Recent efforts are bringing it the much-needed attention it deserves. The Great Hall has been painted, the bells will be ringing again, and through a historical preservation grant the exterior brick will be repointed and repairs will be made to the building envelope. With this recent attention to Town Hall, the focus turned to all the piles of items that have been accumulating over the years. With each inspection, it had been noticed that the accrued items were impeding on functionality, safety and space management. A purging was very much needed, but without the assistance of ReSource Ware’s donation it would not have happened. We are thankful for the assistance from ReSource Ware and we are fortunate to have ReSource operating in Ware.”